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How to Become a Mobile Application Developer

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

As mobile phones have become as important as our wallets and purses in everyday living, development in this area is going on in a very fast pace. Mobile devices have become a tremendous source of entertainment, communication, and information and also jobs for millions. Getting started as a mobile application developer is easy if you are much focused and know about what you want to do. Here’s a quick guide about how you can prove your credibility as a developer.

How to Become a Mobile Application Developer?

  1. Learn the basics and work on projects to furnish your skills. Mobile application can be developed on different platforms such as Flash, Java, CSS, and Python etc. Choose one platform and work on it.
  2. Analyze the skills you have. Find out whether you are a creative or analytical person. Think of your skills properly and decide what you would like to share with others.
  3. Build your knowledge base by creating your own software applications. Continue to refine your skill set on the job, and learn from the experience of others.
  4. Develop a plan of what you want to develop as an application. Detailed outlines of important details are such as the features, elements and benefits of the application.
  5. Create a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable developers. Start out by reaching out to those that you know well, such as friends, and former employees, before looking for other resources. Get the team together before you start on the next step.
  6. Make a log file and keep it updated about your progress related to the development and what should be your next step.
  7. Contact other developers who are building apps that are in other categories, and discuss about how they are going about putting their ideas in shape.
  8. Build relationships with other developers with whom you can share a mutually beneficial relationship with. This way you will be able to gain new ideas and skills.
  9. Code up and release your first app, no matter how small. Tell your friends and known ones about the application and show it to them for their feedback.
  10. Attend some mobile conference or a seminar which can be the right place to launch your application. For instance, you can attend the Forum Nokia Developers Conference and share your idea and application there with other developers.

What skills do mobile app developers need?

If you want to become a Mobile application developer, the best approach might just be to learn how to develop and start doing it. After all, what companies want to see are the mobile apps you’ve developed. Whether you’re an iOS or Android app developer, there are similar requirements for success.

These can include:

  • Knowing how to create a user interface being familiar with common programming languages such as Java, RoR (Ruby on Rails), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is having strong general computing skills, including database management and security using analytical skills to determine users’ needs and design an app to suit them.
  • Mobile application developers are fluent in object-oriented programming languages such as Java, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), Objective-C and RoR (Ruby on Rails).
  • Mobile application developer’s code, test, debug, monitor and document changes for mobile applications.
  • Mobile application developers are skilled at working in the development environments of one or more the top mobile OS.
  • Mobile application developers can implement application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality.
  • Mobile application developers know the terminology, concepts, and best practices for coding mobile applications.
  • Mobile application developers migrate and adapt existing web applications to the leading mobile platforms.
  • In-house Mobile application developers work closely with other departments to brainstorm and optimize deployments.
  • Mobile application developers recommend changes and enhancements to existing mobile applications.

Being a Mobile application developer means to learn, learn, learn. Be prepared for a lifelong learning experience. But if app development is the right thing for you, you’ll love learning, because that’s natural and fun for you.

You’re not only learning programming, tools and new technology like hardware for your app development. If you’re designing apps you have to be a specialist, but also an all-rounder in many, many totally different sciences: Get some skills (or at least some understanding for) like interface design, visual design, app marketing, social media, business, project management, information architecture, video, animation… Of course you won’t have to do it all, but in most cases you’re working in teams with specialists. And the more you understand their skills and needs, the better the communication and the results.

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