Empowering Lives through Financial Aid and Assistance

OPX Portal is a remarkable US government project developed using the Ruby on Rails framework. It plays a pivotal role in assisting individuals facing financial hardships, particularly those unable to afford rent and healthcare expenses. The platform provides vital financial aid to support these individuals, ensuring they can access essential services and resources during challenging times.

The primary mission is to simplify the application process and make it accessible to those in need. By leveraging the Ruby on Rails framework, the portal delivers a seamless and efficient application experience, eliminating unnecessary hurdles for applicants.

Not only does OPX Portal cater to those seeking aid, but it also empowers staff members with sophisticated tools and functionalities to manage applications efficiently. This enhancement in administrative capabilities streamlines the review and approval process, enabling staff to allocate resources swiftly to those who require assistance the most.

For applicants, OPX Portal offers a user-friendly interface that ensures transparency and clarity throughout their journey. Users can effortlessly track the progress of their applications, receive timely updates, and gain a comprehensive overview of their financial aid status.

With a commitment to improving lives and fostering a sense of community, OPX Portal stands as a testament to the power of technology and compassionate support. Through this innovative initiative, UW is making a significant difference in the lives of individuals facing financial hardships, promoting stability, and empowering communities.


3+ years


Social Services & Welfare


Web Application


Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Postgresql